Sipping Chocolate Elixer

by Territory

Sipping Chocolate Elixer

by Territory


If you are a chocolate lover, these elixer's are a must have!

Unlike anything your've ever tasted, these elixer's will blow your mind.  Each flavor is created by using the highest quality chocolate and a blend of the best herbs and spices available.  

They are hand crafted in New Mexico and they offer you a rich experience of the history of chocolate with every taste.  They have been described as a kind of "time traveling" for the palette, and range from pre- Colombian drinking chocolate to colonial American drinking chocolate as well as delicious contemporary elixir creations.

Make sure to get your Molinillo to whip and froth your drinking chocolate at home!

All elixirs are Gluten FreeDairy Free and Vegan 

Each bag is approximately 1/2 lb of chocolate

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