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Fragrance Pebble | Essential Oil Diffuser

by Frazer Parum

Fragrance Pebble | Essential Oil Diffuser

by Frazer Parum


** Please note this item is final sale**

Carry this personal essential oil diffuser with you where ever you go and always be surrounded by your favorite scents.  It's a talisman of sorts - a super absorbent porcelain pebble that is bisk fired and ready for your favorite oils. 

Place it by your bed, in your car, on your desk and enjoy the scents you love. 

The fragrance pebble comes with our favorite Frazer scent, Omumbiri blend of Namibia.  If you want to change your scents, the pebble can be washed to refresh. 

Frazer Parfum delivers thoughtful perfume products that capture the raw earthiness of Africa. They are chemical-free and additive-free. 

Made in Cape Town, South Africa

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