Fiber Tote Bag | Rust

by Territory

Fiber Tote Bag | Rust

by Territory


The perfect, all-season tote that will accompany you everywhere! 

Made from the sustainable and eco-friendly fique plant in Curiti, Colombia. The fique plant and creation process have a story worth telling. Fique was traditionally and widely used to weave carry satchels in Colombia and other South American countries until the introduction of PLASTICS came (and we know how this goes!)

In the later half of the 20th century. The communities that grew and processed the Fique fiber were almost put out of business but were luckily able to pivot their production into new sustainable pieces for everyday use. Our tote bag is one of those pieces. Celebrating the importance of sustainability and longevity.

Care: Remove spots or stains with a damp cloth and soap dabbing the stain/spot with the cloth. Repeat this process until clean and let air dry.

From: Colombia

SizeWidth - 40cm, Height: 35cm, Depth: 14cm, Strap Drop Length: 23cm

Materials: 100% Fique Fiber

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