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Cloth Bowl Covers

by Ambatalia

Cloth Bowl Covers

by Ambatalia


These bowl covers will change the way you think of storage.  Designed to further the mission of reducing single-use items, these covers will become your go to in the kitchen.

You can cover a bowl of salad or pasta to take to a gathering or store a few things in the fridge. 

This item is reversible and each fabric choice comes with the natural linen on one side. The covers are two layers of fabric to keep smells out and while not airtight they work well to keep items fresh.

This Basics set comes with 5 different sizes,

1. Smallest fits Masen jar- great for fermenting and sprouting.
2. Small/ Med fits wide mouth jar or small condiment bowl.
3. Medium fits 6 1/2 bowl
4. Med/ large, fits 8 1/2 " bowl
5. largest fitting a pie plate or 10" casserole.

Comes in grey ticking and grey

CARE: We recommend cold water wash and line dry for the conservation of our environment and fabric longevity. It's okay to use warm water and low heat tumble dry.



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