Bloques Alpaca Throw

by Territory

Bloques Alpaca Throw

by Territory


Lived in luxury. Our 100% Baby Alpaca oversized, lightweight throw that you will live in throughout the seasons. Our new line of Alpaca throws use the finest alpaca and merino wool fibers to create a soft, luxurious throw to wrap yourself in after a long day. 

Alpaca fibers are some of the most eco-friendly and sustainable on earth. Alpaca live on large stretches of the Peruvian highlands continuing to engage in the natural grazing process allowing the highlands to continue to regenerate itself without large scale intervention. 

Created in partnership with weavers in the Peruvian highlands, these weavers are taking part in a national movement to create a sustainable and inclusive artisan economy. 

Size: 55in x 80in

From: Peru

Materials: 100% Baby Alpaca

Last photo via Restoring Home

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