After The Rains | Perfume

by Frazer Parum

After The Rains | Perfume

by Frazer Parum


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These scents are MAGICAL.  They are complex, layered, ever-changing  and unexpected.  They smell like the land from which their components grew and they are rich and luxurious and unforgettable.  

Scent: After The Rains is sweet and green and notable for its profound link to nature. The fragrance begins with cucumber, basil, and black pepper. The heart of the scent then bursts with lime, mandarin, and grapefruit. Further opening of the scent brings magnolia and orange blossom. And the final notes are of sandalwood and violet leaf that linger on your skin all day.  It is an ode to tropical sweet rains. 

The ingredients used are rare, pure, natural, and unaltered.

3.5 fl oz 

We first discovered Frazer Parfum while Summer, one of Territory's owners, was living in Namibia.  All components of the finished product are made by African artisans on African soil. Made in Cape Town, South Africa.

Frazer Parfum is a champion of preserving African craft, heritage, and skill.

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