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Our Partners

Territory is proud to work with a global network of skilled artisans throughout the Americas, Africa and beyond. Together with these master craftspeople, we bridge traditional materials and techniques with a modern sensibility, to create a line of goods that are at once timeless and contemporary.

We have spent years developing deep relationships with our partners, and view these relationships as true collaborations, with each of us learning from and helping each other. Together through this process, we have perfected our design, production, and delivery methods in order to provide you with these beautiful goods via a reliable and seamless customer experience.

For us, Territory is more than a livelihood. It is a fulfilling and humbling journey of discovery, of both ourselves and our planet. Though we often work with communities within the developing world, we believe that we are not in the business of “helping” these communities. If anything, Territory would not exist without the expertise of our artisan-partners. People everywhere have the brains, guts and dignity to know what is right for them and make the right decisions. But nobody can do it alone. By working together, we all expand the territory of peace, creativity and beauty...