Does it matter how a product is made? How it impacts the environment and the communities that produce it? Does it matter if a purchase allows families and communities to make enough money to choose to continue their craft and pass it on to the next generation? 

We think it does.

Territory works with a network of artists and makers in both the developing world and North America with a long history and commitment to their craft. We strive to develop deep relationships with our partners, understand their process and ensure our products come with an unique purpose, story and touch.

In the developing world, we are committed to working with communities over the long term, placing emphasis on socioeconomic empowerment and ethical production. Through these partnerships, we seek to ensure more stability through commerce, access to new markets as well as helping to preserving craft traditions in transitional areas.

In North America we offer a selection of goods from small-scale producers focused on incorporating  traditional techniques into a modern perspective.