The shop is now closed. Thank you for your support. Please reach out at with questions.



Territory is a collaborative design company and shop which brings to market a mix of original designs, vintage pieces and curated goods. It is co-owned and cared for by Rebecca Crall and Summer Wember.

Territory was founded in 2014 by Rebecca as a creative project stemming from her decades long work in peacebuilding and international development. Rebecca’s dedication to creating sustainable economic opportunities both at home and abroad, coupled with a passion for design and craft became the backbone of the company. Summer, a long time friend and graduate school colleague, joined Territory in late 2017 to support and nourish the the company's growth and future vision. Her prior intercultural work with marginalized communities and at risk youth, coupled with her love of beauty and the natural world made the partnership a natural fit. Together they have created a unique approach to global design, community development, and conscious commerce.

At the heart of the company is the understanding that we are all connected.  That it takes a village to rise up and overcome obstacles. That peace and sustainable livelihood is not only for the privileged. That economic freedom is for everyone.

Rebecca and Summer are both mothers of young children, believe in hard work, long walks and try to remember to fit in a downward dog or two when they have the time.

Territory has studios just outside Chicago, IL on the shores of Lake Michigan and another nestled in the mountains of Asheville, NC.