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Territory is bound by the things you value. Because you believe the world is more than just your block, because you know the items you purchase reflect who you are; and because you simply want to make the world a better place.

For all these reasons, we exist.

Territory is a movement to expand the boundaries of design, fashion, and living beyond convention, to a place where style and values coexist. In creating Territory, we encourage the shops, people, and artisans we work with to connect in a space where trust and craftsmanship intersect.

It’s a Territory created for you.

Our Territory includes the Americas, Africa, and beyond. Our designs are a reflection of collaboration. Our products are driven by a sustainable and equitable approach that lets our customers know we care about their values.

Founded in 2014, Territory has grown.

Thanks to a chance meeting in 2005, Rebecca Crall and Summer Wember now use their background in international development, peacebuilding, and social justice to create and source products that encourage a more equitable world.

By visiting us, you recognize that the choices we make impact the world within which we live. It’s been our hope that expanding Territory allows our customers to share in making the world a better place.

It’s not easy. As mothers, wives, and business-owners, we balance the same lifestyle challenges as many of our loyal customers. Even so, we work hard to find time to design, source, and meet the wonderful people across the globe who produce our designs. This allows us to ensure our products meet a higher standard of equitability.

Our goal has always been to make a better place by offering better choices. We strive for this in our lives and know that you do, too.