Directions Sabra Pillow Cover | Cream

by Territory

Directions Sabra Pillow Cover | Cream

by Territory


This batch of our new Directions Sabra pillow, all came in a bit off-design so we are selling them to you at a super discounted rate!!

They all vary slightly in color, proportion, and design.  Though the variance is not much, our QC standards are pretty strict so it's a bit too much for us to sell them at full retail price.  They are all still beautiful and functional and sure to brighten up your space!

A modern take on a Moroccan classic, our Sabra pillows are woven in small batches by a women's collective n Boujad, Morocco. Weaving is a skill passed down through generations and part of Morocco's cottage industry. Each piece takes many days to complete and is woven by hand on rudimentary vertical wood looms, often set up in women's kitchens. Each pillow and rug is finished by hand, a labor intensive braiding process with a Moroccan tassel added as a finishing touch. 

Final Sale item

Size: 20in x 20in

From: Morocco

Materials: Cotton and cactus fiber

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