The Maya Meditation Cushion | TERRITORY x ALEX ELLE

by Territory

The Maya Meditation Cushion | TERRITORY x ALEX ELLE

by Territory


Slow down. Breathe deep. Create space.

A modern take on the ancient practice of meditation. 

These are a limited edition version we collaborated on with Allex Elle - the amazing author, certified breath work coach, and writing to heal facilitator.  Each of these cushions has an Alex Elle affirmation sewn into the handle and when you purchase one, you will receive a link to a special and exclusive guided meditation with Alex!  Limited quantity available!

These cushions bring you home to yourself which in turn  allows you to be of service to others. Meditation is only one of many mindfulness practices but it is a powerful and life changing one that is worth committing too!

The Maya meditation cushions have an organic cotton canvas outer and a center that is filled with hypoallergenic buckwheat hulls that conform to your body.  When using these cushions, you will be pleasantly surprised by how you feel when you sit for your daily practice.

Designed to help you create the internal quiet we all need. 


small - 16" diameter

large - 18" diameter 

set - 16" + 18" 

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