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Taking Care

Taking Care

The end of the year always marks a time of both reflection and celebration: a space to think about what the last twelve months have brought and what we want to cultivate in the new year. And for all of us, 2020 has been one for the books. 

While we are so ready to usher in new beginnings, we can’t allow the important lessons of this year to slip away. As we’ve mentioned before, we are hopeful this challenging time can bring about meaningful change, not a rush back to the status quo but a collective recalibration of how we live our lives economically, personally, collectively, politically, and spiritually. A tall order - but indeed, a needed one.  

Most recently, we have been reflecting on how to cultivate a more true and lasting sense of self- care, both when times are hard but also when things seem to be going well. 

The term self-care is thrown around pretty loosely and often conjures up indulgences such as  big vacations, spa days, fancy supplements, or a new diet fad. And while some of the big ticket items are great (and some are really great!!), there exists a simple yet meaningful level of daily care and awareness that is simple yet transformative. 


Journal- Taking Care


If this year has taught us anything, it is that true self-care is creating space for more relaxation and connection to occur in our everyday lives. But it’s not always that easy. The pull of "always-busy, always-doing" is strong. So to counter our “always on” culture, we’ve rounded up some simple yet powerful transformations we are focusing on this season and into the new year.  

Getting good sleep and rest - Simple yet so elusive. Giving ourselves the opportunity for both good sleep and rest (they are different) provides us the energy and clarity of mind to take on our days. Good sleep hygiene really does work and learning to rest is not only important for us but our society as a whole.

Eating simple, whole foods - Ideally, not eaten in front of the computer (!) This season we are tuning into our bodies, forgetting those extreme diets, and trying to be more mindful of our daily eating habits. Learning to listen to our bodies and engaging in intuitive eating is on the docket for 2021. 

Giving ourselves a tech break - Tech is more integrated into our lives than ever, but that doesn’t mean it has to dominate us. Redefining our relationship to technology is challenging but possible and truly important. Giving ourselves back the time to process and reflect is only possible through moments of quiet and (gasp!) boredom. Learning how  not to fill our time with technology gives us the gift of self-knowing. We are implementing a digital minimalism strategy for 2021.

Connecting with nature - The digital world speeds everything up. Connecting with nature slows us down, allowing us to inhabit a more grounded and realistic sense of time. It might seem like an effort to get outside in the winter but there are so many benefits to reconnecting our bodies and minds with the natural world.  

Creating a grounded space - Near and dear to our hearts, creating a meaningful space where we live (and work), allows us to find more ease and calm in our days. Simply delighting in the beauty of handmade, quality goods: a good wooden bowl, a handwoven basket, or how the sunlight enters a room connects us to our senses and to the present moment. When we surround ourselves with pieces that have meaning and grounding, we can't help but be inspired. 


Journal- Taking Care
Journal- Taking Care


 And with these ideas, we hope you all can find connection and happiness as we enter the new year. Xo.