The Making of Palm Baskets

The Making of Palm Baskets

Weaving palm leaves into useful vessels is an age-old art dating back to the pre-hispanic period in Mexico. It was an important skill used by indigenous communities to produce wares that would help carry goods to market, store items, and provide mats for sleeping.


Much of the history of this type of weaving has been partially lost because natural materials biodegrade over time; but the weaving skills have been passed down through generations. Many families who know these traditional methods still practice them today. 



The Palm basket weaving tradition was one of the first things that drew us to the Mixtec region of Oaxaca. By collaboratively working with Mixtec families to support and preserve this important art form, our hope is to celebrate this community art and help it endure.


By choosing to purchase these goods, handmade by real craftspeople, you become part of the preservation of this tradition as well.



Our most recent line of baskets features a special weaving technique only done in this part of Mexico: El Nudo Mixteco or The Mixtec Knot. Textural, sophisticated and sturdy, this basket weave is perhaps our favorite to date.