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Creating Space : Sara Combs of The Joshua Tree House

Creating Space : Sara Combs of The Joshua Tree House

Greetings from the High Desert. We are so excited to share with you our newest feature for Creating Space.  Many of you know Sara Combs. She and her husband Rich are designers and owners of both The Joshua Tree House and The Posada in Tucson.  Sara's love of nature and desert silhouettes is on full display in both of her unique properties. We were so happy to hear from Sara and learn more about she creates space in her own life. Especially with a new baby on the way. Enjoy! xo. 



 Our Attera and Sabra Pillows at the Joshua Tree House.

Tell us a little about yourself. What is your “story” and what you do for a living. (This can be where you live, what you love to do in your spare time etc.

I’m Sara Combs, a designer, author, and the co-owner of The Joshua Tree House. I’ve spent the past five years living in the Mojave desert of Joshua Tree, CA while working on creative projects and growing the JTH. We have also opened up a second property in Tucson called The Posada which borders the Saguaro National Park. I love spending as much time outside as possible, preferably hiking through National Parks.

At Territory, we use the term “creating space” to mean both the creation of a beautiful physical space but also a space that allows us to relax and be present. What are some of your favorite pieces to create that home sanctuary?

You’ll always find a stack of blankets in my house; enough for friends to come over and grab their own to cuddle up with around the campfire. Blankets make everyone feel instantly comforted. I’m also almost always playing music at home whether on my record player or a playlist like our New Moon Playlist. Music always seems to bring me into the present moment.



We are continually living in wild, transformative times. Can you tell us about any insights you’ve gained lately and how you are applying them to your life?

I've been learning to embrace change, and find curiosity in discomfort. I'm about eight months pregnant now and have been seeing and experiencing so many changes in my own body as the world continues to shift. Leaning into the discomfort rather than resisting it has allowed me to learn and grow from it. Suddenly there's a positive from something I once viewed as negative. Over time this has allowed me to re-approach change and discomfort in a more accepting way.

How do you stay grounded when things get stressful?

I’m a hippie at heart and love meditating when I feel particularly out of balance. A long hike, some yoga, or a road trip (any kind of movement really) also bring stress back into perspective for me.

What are some of your most important self-care routines/rituals you engage in?

This past year prompted me to get a journal. I had lost track of time more than ever through quarantine. I was needing something to remind me to check in on current interests, future goals, and note potential patterns of how I’d been feeling. I got the Moon Lists Journal since it has some prompts and felt a little less overwhelming to write that way! I start every morning with it and it’s been such a nice way to ease into each day.


Our Namibian Tassel basket and close up of our pillows. 

What are three things you can’t live without?
Fresh air, clean water, and family.

Who is someone that inspires you? Why?
I’m always inspired by my husband Rich for his love of creating, and his seemingly endless energy to do so.

At Territory, we are always balancing our relationship to material goods with consciousness. What are some buying practices you engage in to make sure your consumption habits are balanced and sustainable?

I don’t buy much for myself at all really, maybe a piece of clothing or something for my home every few months. It’s always something from a small brand who I know values the environment as much as I do. When buying food, I go to the local Joshua Tree farmer’s market every Saturday when I’m home. It’s honestly much more fun than regular grocery shopping, and I bring baskets and reusable bags for all my fresh produce.


A beautiful shot of the JTH. 



Thank you Sara! xo